Local SEO

What We Do

Reputation Management

In order to gain authority within a community, you need to ensure you're responding to customer reviews quickly and with care. We can assist in making sure your reputation is impeccable.

Local Listings

In order to be found online, you need to be listed on directories and more importantly on Google Business. We can help optimize your Google Business Listing to ensure all the information is up to date and correct.

Review Generation

Did you know that reviews are now a ranking factor? You will need a steady flow of reviews coming from Google and Yelp if you ever want to be on that first page. We can assist you in reaching out to your clients and motivating them to review your business!
Local SEO is often the most overlooked aspect of digital marketing. But there is value...and a lot of it.

Community is everything. If you do not have that baseline support, then your business will likely be in trouble. What Local SEO does is legitimize your standing in said community. If you are active in your community, you will naturally build authority and respect there...which will lead to more business leads.

SEO typically refers to the *entire* internet. You are casting a wide net. Local SEO is the opposite (obviously). With it, you are trying to capture and engage with interested parties in your area. This provides a solid base in which we will build upon. Local SEO is a building block to understanding SEO at large, and therefore Anchor IQ puts a lot of effort into helping you boost and understand it.

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