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Nic Bivens

Nicholas (that's me) prefers to go by his last name and has almost a decade of digital marketing experience...in everything from website optimization to SEO.

He is an avid long-distance runner, so he knows that running your business is a marathon, not a sprint. And come to think of it...maybe that's why he's so focused on SEO and not other growth methods.

Feel free to reach out and see if there's a fit (if there's not please be nice to me about it) or just to ask me a question!


Looking to improve your online presence and use the web to find *actual* leads and customers?

Anchor IQ is a digital marketing agency that focuses on sustained and organic growth. Our process supports your business by building your website and then boosting its traffic through SEO.

Started in 2023, Anchor IQ began as a passion project trying to help friends build some websites. Quickly though, I realized there was a need to educate people on all aspects of digital marketing (and how to do it the right way). 

There are too many quick fixes and shortcuts floating around in people's heads. It's now my job to educate our customers about what they're *actually* paying for when it comes to digital marketing.

Do our core values align with yours? Then, we might just be the ideal partner for all your digital needs!

If you are interested in learning more about our process, request an audit that will dive into your current SEO and potential improvements ⤵️
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