Why GoDaddy SEO stinks...

Posted by Nic Bivens on September 14, 2023

I have been helping a friend out recently. She owns a dental office and had been using Godaddy to get marketing services…in particular SEO.

She came to me when I was getting my cleaning saying that she thinks GoDaddy has been ripping her off. I took a look because she’s helped me a lot over the years with her expertise, so it was exciting to finally get to return the favor.

I was expecting to see some monthly fees and some generic work, sure. I know that GoDaddy is such a large company, and one with a not so stellar reputation when it comes to their domain management and shady practices.

However, even despite all that I was appalled to see what the actual work being done was. If you are using GoDaddy SEO services, you will want to watch this video and really reevaluate that decision!

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